Welcome to my Website!

I’m Andre (Commonly known as Andre601 or Andre_601 on the internet), a Hobby Java-developer.
I mostly work on my plugins for Spigot, Paper, etc. but also do other things like manage a Discord Bot or provide my own API for it.


I do have a few projects I actively work on. Here is a selection.


AdvancedServerList is a Plugin made for Spigot, Paper, BungeeCord and Velocity.
It provides an extensive configuration which allows you to create Server List entries (The ones displayed in a player’s multiplayer screen) with custom MOTD, Favicon, player count and more.

Through the usage of conditions can you also set when a specific player list should be displayed.

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*Purr* is a Discord bot made by me in Java using the JDA library.
It’s main focus is to provide entertainment and some useful commands to enjoy.



The ImageAPI is an open-source random image API made by me.
It has various endpoints you can use to get a random image or gif from.


Social Media

You can find me at the following locations:

Discord Revolt Mastodon (English posts) Mastodon (German Posts)