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My Year 2022

The year 2022 is no more and with it ends one of the arguibly worst years you can imagine.
From the Ukrainian war, to Elon Musk buying Twitter and running it into the ground1 was there something for everyone.

With this post here do I take the oportunity to look back at what I did in the year 2022. Tho, truth be told, I cannot really remember half of the stuff, so this may not be as exhaustive as I would like it to be.

How to use Mastodon

Elon Musk has bought Twitter for an incredible amount of money and has since started to destroy it left, right and center. Employees got fired or resigned, verified accounts lost their iconic blue checkmark and received a grey/transparent "official" badge while the blue checkmark is now something you can buy for $8, and other things I sure can't think of right now.

But all this drama also surfaces some new changes.
Mastodon1 gained a lot of popularity due to the recent events and is currently having around 1.9 million active users on over 6,000 individual servers. People start to move from Twitter to Mastodon as they see the former dying in the forseeable future or at least becoming a less welcoming place for individuals.