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Why you can't believe Kangarko

On the 20th of december 2020 (Almost a year ago as of now) was the former Spigot member Kangarko removed from the SpigotMC Forums. The reasons were not publicly stated at first, but after he tried to blame SpigotMC on being at fault here did MD_5 make an announcement, clarifying the actual reasons and the current situation. The reason he stated in that post was repeated violations of the forum rules, primarely abuse of the resource's update feature for promotional actions (i.e. advertisements).

The Pros and Cons of SpigotMC

SpigotMC1 is a well-known site and software in the Minecraft-Community. Almost 200,000 servers are modded Minecraft Servers from which almost 46% are Spigot (~70,000 server)2.

With that said do the Forum and Software have a lot of negative things, that annoys developers, server owners and forum users alike for quite some time now.
To bring some light to this do I now list both positive and negative things about SpigotMC.

Truth & Lies

There have been several posts and claims regarding PayPal where they are "banning the selling of products related to Minecraft" or about SpigotMC making unjustified bans of Developers which isn't true at all, but I'll talk about why in a bit.

In Defense of SpigotMC

Yesterday (20th December 2020) was something happening. The former Spigot Member Kangarko has been banned for the continued breaking of the forum rules, most noticably advertising in places like plugin updates.