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Do not use the Essential Mod

The Essential Mod1, not to be confused with the Essentials Plugin2 or its updated Fork EssentialsX3, is a mod that tries to be a all-in-one solution for players similar to what you imagine with Mods like LabyMod4 or the 5zig Reborn5 Mod.
The issue here is, that it has a lot of problems, making it a worse mod and not really a good choice to begin with. This post will cover all the points I managed to gather from the community over the years I've heard of this mod. Enjoy.

NoTextToSpeech's comparison of Revolt and Matrix

It has been quite a while since the YouTuber NoTextToSpeech made his video regarding more privacy friendly Discord-Alternatives, comparing Revolt and Matrix (or more accurately the element client) with each other.
This video still bothers me to this day and I can't sit here without giving a more in-depth rant on why this video is not only bad, but also clearly biased towards Matrix, while painting Revolt in a bad light.

Critique versus Hate

Since several years now am I a part of GitHub but also other places all around software. And many times do I get attacked for simply providing some form of critique towards something, because it's seen as hate.