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Do not use the Essential Mod

The Essential Mod1, not to be confused with the Essentials Plugin2 or its updated Fork EssentialsX3, is a mod that tries to be a all-in-one solution for players similar to what you imagine with Mods like LabyMod4 or the 5zig Reborn5 Mod.
The issue here is, that it has a lot of problems, making it a worse mod and not really a good choice to begin with. This post will cover all the points I managed to gather from the community over the years I've heard of this mod. Enjoy.

How to use JDA-Utilities' EventWaiter

If you're developing a bot with JDA1, changes are high that you want to implement a system where your bot is waiting for an input from the user after performing a command or action.
Doing this in JDA can be a bit tedious, especially if you want it to do things such as having the action expire after no input for a while. This is where JDA-Utilities2 comes into play. And this is where this blog post will explain how to use it and especially its EventWaiter functionality.