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RSS Feed support

I've implemented support for an RSS Feed to my blog using the MkDocs RSS Plugin.

With this, there should also now be automatic posting of these blog posts as new mastodon toots.
This (hopefully) improves and speeds up my process of creating Mastodon toots for comments on my blog.

My Year 2022

The year 2022 is no more and with it ends one of the arguibly worst years you can imagine.
From the Ukrainian war, to Elon Musk buying Twitter and running it into the ground1 was there something for everyone.

With this post here do I take the oportunity to look back at what I did in the year 2022. Tho, truth be told, I cannot really remember half of the stuff, so this may not be as exhaustive as I would like it to be.

Why you shouldn't give bots Administrator

Bots are a wonderful thing on Discord. They can enhance and improve your Discord server and also protect it from harm. However, a bot isn't unfailable and security is only as save as the person managing it. Because of that is giving the `Administrator` permission to a bot one of if not even the most dangerous thing you can do. The same goes for asking for this permission in the OAuth2 invite or even relying on it to function.