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Welcome to my Ted Talk Blog!

This site is home of countless blog posts I made throughout the years.
You can find a list of them below.


The entirety of this blog is hosted using Codeberg Pages and is therefore Open source and accessible for everyone.

My Posts

Do not use the Essential Mod

The Essential Mod1, not to be confused with the Essentials Plugin2 or its updated Fork EssentialsX3, is a mod that tries to be a all-in-one solution for players similar to what you imagine with Mods like LabyMod4 or the 5zig Reborn5 Mod.
The issue here is, that it has a lot of problems, making it a worse mod and not really a good choice to begin with. This post will cover all the points I managed to gather from the community over the years I've heard of this mod. Enjoy.

How to use JDA-Utilities' EventWaiter

If you're developing a bot with JDA1, changes are high that you want to implement a system where your bot is waiting for an input from the user after performing a command or action.
Doing this in JDA can be a bit tedious, especially if you want it to do things such as having the action expire after no input for a while. This is where JDA-Utilities2 comes into play. And this is where this blog post will explain how to use it and especially its EventWaiter functionality.

How to use Codeberg Pages for MkDocs

Codeberg1 is a Website providing Git Hosting and services for free and open source software, content and projects.
It's managed by a non-profit (Codeberg e.V.) and offers a lot of things, including their own static page hosting Codeberg Pages.

Since I moved my blog to Codeberg Pages a while ago and since I find its set of features quite good did I now decide to make this little tutorial on how you can automate the publishing and updating of your MkDocs Site for Codeberg Pages.

NoTextToSpeech's comparison of Revolt and Matrix

It has been quite a while since the YouTuber NoTextToSpeech made his video regarding more privacy friendly Discord-Alternatives, comparing Revolt and Matrix (or more accurately the element client) with each other.
This video still bothers me to this day and I can't sit here without giving a more in-depth rant on why this video is not only bad, but also clearly biased towards Matrix, while painting Revolt in a bad light.

Set up a Mastodon-based comment system

Recently did I ask in the Material for MkDocs repository1 about how I could implement a Mastodon-based comment system (#5728).
After looking a bit myself did I manage to setup a working version using some blog post on how to do it.

The post giving the code snippet and explaining it was made for Hugo, so some adjustments were required to make it work.
And since there is no post addressing this for MkDocs and the Material for MkDocs theme am I making this post now.

I already posted a Paste2 with some basic instructions, but I feel like a more in-depth explanation was useful to have, so here we are.


RSS Feed support

I've implemented support for an RSS Feed to my blog using the MkDocs RSS Plugin.

With this, there should also now be automatic posting of these blog posts as new mastodon toots.
This (hopefully) improves and speeds up my process of creating Mastodon toots for comments on my blog.

My Year 2022

The year 2022 is no more and with it ends one of the arguibly worst years you can imagine.
From the Ukrainian war, to Elon Musk buying Twitter and running it into the ground1 was there something for everyone.

With this post here do I take the oportunity to look back at what I did in the year 2022. Tho, truth be told, I cannot really remember half of the stuff, so this may not be as exhaustive as I would like it to be.