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My Year 2022

The year 2022 is no more and with it ends one of the arguibly worst years you can imagine.
From the Ukrainian war, to Elon Musk buying Twitter and running it into the ground1 was there something for everyone.

With this post here do I take the oportunity to look back at what I did in the year 2022. Tho, truth be told, I cannot really remember half of the stuff, so this may not be as exhaustive as I would like it to be.

New Communities

First things first did I join a few new communities this year.


I've joined the Modrinth2 community where I started as an early adobter and tester for their plugins support, which was later released.
I also joined the Quilt Community3 as I had some interest in learning to make some mods, but never really started with it.

Other platforms

I joined Mastodon4 during the later part of this year. And while the reason was the buying of Twitter by Elon Musk, did I hear and learn about it much earlier through the Modrinth community.

You can find me under for english and under for german posts respectively.

The good old Covid-19


To my honest surprise did I manage to get infected with Covid-19. Tho, thanks to boosting this year were the symptoms relatively mild and I'm not suffering any long-term issues.
However, this should show us all that the boosting is not a "one-and-done" solution but more like the vaccination against flu, which is a regular one. So go and get that boosting if you can!

A new plugin

During this year did I create a new plugin called AdvancedServerList5 which I'm very proud of.
It is one of my most professional plugins I've made to this day and I'm still not done working on it.

I feel really happy to see it having 656 downloads on modrinth and over 691 on Spigot.

A new domain and new sites

A more recent creation of mine is the GitHub Organisation6. It was created out of boredom and after seeing the website.
The idea was to make a site listing all the Bad UI designs that Discord has made so far. And soon was born.

And yes, the domain is meant to be ironic, just like should be.

Later on did I also create which isn't meant to be ironic and instead list actual good UI design, starting with Modrinth as its first entry.

Both sites accept submissions for new entries, so feel free to submit things (Tho it requires a GitHub Account for now).

And that's it

That's all that I can actually remember from the year 2022. My memory never was really good with such things... Or at least with stuff that I didn't have an interest in.

Either way, it was an interesting year for sure and I hope 2023 will also bring some interesting stuff to us... Tho hopefully with less toxicity, war, and similar.

Happy New Year and I'll see you in 2023!

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