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A new Blog Software

This post marks a significant change in my Blogging website. Because it uses a new software provided by the Material for MkDocs theme.

What changed

The most noticable change should be visible on the left side (If you're on PC that is): A sidebar showing author and post information such as date of post, category and estimated read time.

Other changes

With this came some other changes... Namely:

  • The "Posts" tab is gone as the blog has been moved to the main index page.
  • The "Reviews tab was removed due to not being used at all.
  • URLs of posts have changed. There are no redirects for the old URL (Redirect plugin refuses to work for me).
    I've made changes to how the pages are generated and they use the old format again.

Feedback and bug reports

Please give feedback on this change and also provide bug reports if you find any broken links or similar.
You can find me on Discord, Revolt and Mastodon.

Last update: 19. January 2024 ()


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